Concierge services

We want your experience in Las Rozas Village to be exceptional, exquisite and unique ... More than a customer, you are our guest and we want you to feel at home on your visit. For this, we offer you a special Concierge service, which will welcome you and make you feel comfortable and at ease to enjoy an incomparable shopping experience.

To know more about our Concierge, go to the Reception of the Village, the Tourist Information Center and inform you about this special service:

- Personalized visit of the Village based on your preferences.

- Management of special request or preferences.

- Management of your visit to the Village (chauffeur services).

In addition, as a Privilege member, you will be able to access more exclusive treats and privileges. If you are not yet, you can do it here: join Privilege


We are a destination where every day something extraordinary happens and we want you to have an unforgettable experience with us. To make it possible, we put everything at your disposal. Come closer! we are happy to help you.