Local Atractions


In 1985 was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO.

Let yourself go back to the past walking in the streets over the wall, looking at the Cathedral and the magnificent churches and palaces. Admire the Romanesque, the Gothic, the Renaissance and the modern architecture.And then enjoy the food: the exquisite veal, the El Barco beans', the sweets made from egg yolks and sugar, and more. More...

Monasterio de San Lorenzo del Escorial

Built in the late 16th-century by King Philip II of Spain to commemorate his victory over the French at the battle of San Quentin, this striking complex at the foot of Mount Abantos in the Sierra de Guadarrama contains a monastery, two palaces and a library. More...


Characteristic places in Madrid that are important to visit.

Puerta del Sol. Madrid's emblematic place, where is the kilometer 0 and the clock which its bells marks the taking of the 12 grapes every January 1st at 00 hours.

Plaza de Oriente. Is situated on the east of the Royal Palace. With an impressive garden and charm More...


An hour from Las Rozas Village, visit the Roman aqueduct, and walk through the narrow streets of the city. Do not miss the cathedral, next to the Plaza Mayor, or the Alcazar, on the outskirts of Segovia. And be sure to plan your visit with a lunch or dinner, try the local specialties: roast suckling pig or lamb. If you have time visit the Palace of La Granja, a few kilometers from the city.



Located about 71 km from Madrid to Toledo is known as the City of the Three Cultures, in which lived Christians, Muslims and Jews. It is one of the most beautiful cities declared World Heritage Site.

The Historic monument has 103 listed buildings of great value for their unique monuments, architecture and history, such as the Cathedral, More...