The New Style Rules

Got a diary packed full of special occasions and absolutely nothing to wear? Dreading the thought of another invitation because you just can’t face rocking that dress to another social event? We know the feeling – and it doesn’t stop at the wardrobe. If you’re guilty of rushing out the door and hastily applying your make-up in the car (we’ve all been there), maybe your pre-going out ritual needs a rethink too. Getting ready is half the fun, after all.

So, to help us amp up the elegance for a night out on the town, we figured who better to turn to for a little advice than blogger and style expert, Miss Cavallier.

Pens at the ready… these are the new style rules to live by.

RULE 1: Perfect the selfie

Always try to have good light from the front to avoid getting shadows on the face, and always take it from above! It’s seems silly but you always look better!

RULE 2: Prepare your skin

Before I go out to events, I always use a beauty flash that leaves my skin glowing.  Obviously a good make up that will last me the whole event.  And I do my hair well, even if it’s loose

RULE 3: Master the playlist

While I’m getting ready I always play Spanish pop music! I love singing the songs while I get dressed, it’s part of my routine before an event! 

RULE 4: Dress for your personality

I like a simple look with some special accessories that stand out, such as earrings or some very special shoes. The most important thing is to be comfortable, to wear something that shows your style and your personality. Never try to dress up because you will never look good enough.  In order to be stylish, you need to be yourself!

RULE 5: Find your icon

For me, it’s definitely Olivia Palermo! She looks amazing in casualwear, let alone when she has an event! She is elegant with lots of style and personality. She always manages to give a personal touch to her look! Without any doubt, she’s my favourite!



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