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UK: Ronan of

A good strong fabric such as vichy wool or herringbone will not only protect you from the cold, but it will also add plenty of elegance to your outfit. There’s an amazing brand selection when it comes to tailoring and suits at Bicester Village. Burberry, Dunhill, Ermenegildo Zegna and Reiss offer the best of their price range. I love the twist that Burberry and Reiss give to their suits in particular, with plenty of fabrics, patterns and colours to choose from. I’ve been passionate about fashion and style for as long as I can remember. My mother always encouraged me to express myself through clothes, but I think my interest fully blossomed when I started reading GQ at 14. I would study each and every page and just knew I had to be a part of that world.

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IRELAND: Damien of

Hackett is a favourite brand of mine, it’s very Savile Row. Not to mention Hugo Boss and Ted Baker – no corners are cut with their pieces and every detail is as important as the last. It's easier to look after these suits too, a trusted dry cleaner can keep them looking new and altering will not compromise the structure of the garment. I bought my first suit when I was 22 – a three-piece tweed ensemble. To achieve the perfect cut, I’ll fit the jacket to the chest and shoulders and then get the sleeves altered. Same goes with slacks, if you fit them to the waist you can alter the length as desired. In terms of accessories, I’ll invest in a smart pair of Chelsea boots or brogues and a simple trench coat.

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FRANCE: Boris of

I always like to incorporate a touch of French elegance into my dress – keeping a classic yet relaxed attitude. I would describe my formal style as minimalist, modern and dynamic. The menswear trends I’m looking forward to trying this season are loose-fitting suits, particularly in wool or a moleskin cotton – both big textures that have a kind of stature about them. Onto cut: trousers need to be shortened and complemented by a jacket with tight-fitting shoulders.

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GERMANY: Marc of

I would describe my personal style as elegant, sophisticated and comfortable. I’m going to wear a lot of colour this season, predominately khaki! Simple shirts in this hue are perfect and look amazing when paired with brown, black or blue trousers. I’ll also be looking for pieces in sand, another one of my key shades. I have always loved Versace and Hugo Boss for suits because they have so many unique pieces, all of which can be combined with basics to create an incredible finish. For formal shoes, I have to go with Tod’s. Their classic and quality designs are ideal for pairing with a suit. I travel a lot too, so I love to walk through cities and absorb the local’s style – and if I’m not on the road, I’ll simply open my wardrobe and let inspiration come!

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I love Sandro for its timeless approach, AllSaints for their leather jackets and Bjorn Borg because they’re all about comfort. When it comes to suiting, I love incorporating colourful prints to add a touch of personal flair, especially the African shirts that reflect my roots. My passion for style began when I was a little boy. Coming from a huge family, my grandfather and my uncle Germain had the biggest influence on me – they always looked on point. Lets just say, if Instagram was a hit back then, those two would have owned #OOTD.

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ITALY: Gian of

When choosing a suit I’ll always look for garments that are comfortable, stylish, on-trend for the season and most importantly, easy to wear. Never force yourself to wear something that doesn’t suit you just because you see it on the catwalk – you have to own your style and pick trends selectively. My typical look is a basic T-shirt, skinny trousers, trainers and an oversized coat! I’ll also be on the hunt for pieces in orange, green, light blue and white. Colour is so important, find two that go together and your outfit is sorted.

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SPAIN: Andrew of

I often opt for different types of wool to protect against the cold. My favourite brand has to be Armani without a doubt. The suits and blazers there are impeccable – the jackets in particular are a huge hit with me. Although my daily style is usually quite edgy and daring, when it comes to formalwear I prefer to pick something classic. I do however love to add personal touches – it’s the way you wear a suit that really matters.

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