Mihaela Noroc in Las Rozas Village

In association with Las Rozas Village, photographer Mihaela Noroc has extended her project, "The Atlas of Beauty" visiting Spain for the first time, to capture Spanish women's unique beauty.

Las Rozas Village celebrates the diversity of beauty and female world in colaboration with the author of the "The Atlas of Beauty" project, photographer Mihaela Noroc.

Thanks to this inspiring initiative, Mihaela Noroc has travelled to over 37 countries, demonstrating that female beauty is a diverse concept that encompasses many different factors and verifies that each and every woman is one of a kind

Las Rozas Village celebrates the diversity of the female form sponsoring Mihaela Noroc's "The Atlas of Beauty" project, thereby supporting the photograher's wish to produce a record of the diversity of feminine beauty in the world. This collaboration forms part of the Village's Autumn campaign, "Find out what makes you unique", that focuses on enhancing the attributes which make each and every one of us unique.

In association with Las Rozas Village, Mihaela Noroc will visit Spain for the first time from 26 to 30 October, to continue working on the second part of her project “The Atlas of Beauty”. As the name suggests, this is an atlas with which this Romanian photographer seeks to reflect the beauty of women from around the world: from cosmopolitan New York to places where time seems to have quite literally stood still, covering Ethiopian women's hairstyles, the make up worn by Amazonian tribes or the precious jewels worn by the people of Tibet. With this work, Mihaela aims to demonstrate that beauty is a diverse and subjective concept, which is not a question of race, social standing or background, but has to do with each woman's personality, spontaneity, and ultimately, her authenticity. With this premise, and continuing her on-going journey around the world, Mihaela will travel across Spain to enrich her project with examples of Spanish women's beauty, in order for them to also form part of this atlas of universal beauty.

In sponsoring Mihaela's work, Las Rozas Village reaffirms its belief that beauty is all about what makes each woman unique, whether that be her personality, her intelligence, her age, her features or her style, asserting itself as the place where each woman can find out what truly makes her unique. Through this initiative, and as part of the company’s core DNA, Las Rozas Village presents innovative talents to its visitors and supports the work of emerging artists with a story to tell, acting as a platform to raise awareness of inspiring projects such as Mihaela Noroc's.


About Mihaela Noroc (Romania,1985) Mihaela discovered her passion for photography at 18 and following a decade as a professional fashion photographer, decided to start her life defining work, "The Atlas of Beauty". With this project, Mihaela strives to capture the beauty of women around the world and show the unique features that define them before globalisation and media imposed beauty standards cause these distinctive features to disappear. For Mihaela Noroc, beauty is diversity and this is why she is travelling the world to document it: "Perhaps within 50 years women around the world will all look the same. My project hopes to leave a record of each individual region's original beauty before it is lost." She recently published the first volume of her global anthology as an e-book “The Atlas of Beauty” (http://theatlasofbeauty.com/) and is currently immersed in preparing the second volume for publication, this time in paper format, which is scheduled for 2017.


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