If the winter weather took a toll on your pride and joy – we feel your pain. With so many beautiful styles to take advantage of, maybe it’s not such a bad thing. These are the ‘forever pieces’ we’re giving ourselves permission to invest in this month. Get involved.

Bolso naranja UGG
260.00€ 174.20€
Bolso naranja

Season must-haves

1. UGG Shopper:

  Perfect for those Spring these where you don't spend a minute at home.

2. Furla make-up bag:

  That sophisticated and funny touch that your look needs to shine.

3. Adolfo Domínguez purse:

  A Spring "must-have" for a classy and informal look.

4. Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Shopper Bag:

  Because classics are always trendy, you need to include a leather bag in your wardrobe.