Since 1983, Swatch has been making an impact on the world of time-keeping. The brand name – a contraction of ‘second watch’ – reveals the concept behind the new fun, plastic watch with fewer working pieces. It proposed the watch as an accessory that you might change to suit your dress. Swatch is today the biggest manufacturer of chronographs in the world and has a range of cutting-edge watches including diving watches and the super slim range ‘Skin’. 

During his 31 years in the market, Swatch has revolutionized the quartz watch and now revolutionizes the automatic movement through the new Sistem51. An automatic watch 100% Swiss Made; Reliable, affordable and high precision. For the first time, the movement of an automatic watch is fully produced and assembled in an automated way from 51 pieces welded in a unit through a single screw - a great innovation at a fantastic price!