Fashion and lifestyle brand backed up by a community of influencers that give a multiple vision of fashion. Eugenia Silva, ambassador of the project, has developed a unique way of organizing the multi-brand universe with the human factor as the differentiation key. 


A space inspired by the aesthetic of the island of Ibiza that is so present in Eugenia Silva’s summer house. A universe that defines the style and personality of the top model. The most unique clothes and the personality-filled accessories go hand in hand in this pop up store located in Las Rozas Village that redefines summer’s codes.


Bukit & Soul · Cabinett · Cara Larga · Daniel Espinosa · Daniela Bustos Maya · Designers Society · Doblecoco · La Vetrina · Maison Hotel · Mercedes Sálazar · Mimeyco · Mioh · Munay · Musula · Pats · Raceu · Stone · Thinking Mu · Trapella · Wolflamb