Decalogue #TheNewGentleman by Enrique Solís

The elegant man dresses at Las Rozas Village

Enrique Solís, major in International Business and MBA by Instituto de Empresa, is the co-founder of the boutique hotels chain One Shot Hotels and of the accesories brand The Seëlk. His mantras to become a successful person -not to reach success- are "respect, humility and hard work". Due to his job, he loves hotels and fashion, but he confesses that he could not live without art and music, because he "would feel empty".


Accept criticism and avoid to criticize others


Work, work and work. Then, maybe, succes will come.


Never forget your origins and the people who supported you until today.


Do not betray yourself. If you believe in something, do it, it's just that, "a belief". Everyone else will try to talk you out of it.


That one who you feel envy of, it's because you want to be like him. Befriend him and learn from him.


Be ambitious. Always look for perfection


Never stop learning. You never know everything, and times change.


Enjoy the journey to success or failure -happiness is about moments-. It is a whole of a experience.


Don't stay static, be in constant move.


If everyone flatters you and everything is going right, think twice: you are doing something wrong.


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