Madrid & Music

Welcome to Madrid

Located in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, Madrid is one of Europe’s most thriving and fastest-growing capital cities. Madrid is known for its welcoming atmosphere, lively culture, and rich historical, artistic, and cultural background.

Significant urban improvements have made Madrid a comfortable city to live in. An efficient and far-reaching public transportation system makes it an easy city to navigate. Parks and green areas provide wonderful places to practice sport or have walks. Madrid has also become a major hub for international air travel and serves as an excellent point of departure for visiting the rest of Spain, other European countries, as well as North Africa.

In addition Madrid offers travelers and residents a wide array of cultural activities as well as an active social scene. Theater productions, musicals, concerts, dance festivals, and art exhibits are a regular feature of the city’s agenda. Madrid is also known as the ‘city that never sleeps’ with its endless array of bars, cafes, restaurants, and clubs, all open until the early morning hours.


Theaters and Musicals


The region of Madrid has a wide programming of theatre, dance, concerts and circus for everybody. The most complete and wide billboard for enjoying the season. 

Also the Musicals are becoming more important in the cultural Agenda of Madrid.

If there is a genre that over the years has gained prestige among the audience is the musical. It has made the centenary Gran Vía Street in the "Broadway madrileño". The theatres of Madrid are a reference for the greatest Spanish productions, which are inspired in the original productions of New York and London.

Madrid would not be the same in July and August without the Veranos de la Villa. The summer nights live in the capital enjoying an outdoor concert, watching a movie under the starry sky (or good, with a couple of stars) or watching a play when the sun goes down. And this would not be possible without programming each year organized the City Council along with major entertainment venues and culture of the city: the Circo Price, CentroCentro, Matadero Madrid and the Conde Duque Cultural Center Theater.

The offer is aimed at all audiences and tastes.


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