miriam albero

Descubre la tendencia Activewear de la mano de @MiriamAlbero. Déjate inspirar por la elección de su look en Las Rozas Village y conoce a fondo a esta gurú del wellness en la entrevista que hemos preparado.


Thinking of Miriam is thinking of Activewear. Author of the book "Be real, no perfect" published in 2015, she is a nutritional coach and student of sport nutrition. Everyday training is what makes her happy, so she combines a sportive style with sophisticated garments to achive comfortable looks 100% trendy.

Full interview

1. What does healthy lifestyle mean for you?

To me, it menas coexistance between physical and mental health. Reaching that body-mind harmony through natural alimentation and spo

2. Why did you adopted this lifestyle?

Personally, it brings me energy, makes me happier and offers me the possibility of seeing the world from a more honest perspective.

3. Have you always practiced it?

I implemented it progressively: consciousness, curiosity, learning and knowledge. These tools have much to do with how we live and how we want to live. It's not something you decide from day to day and changes forever. It's about little adjustments in our habits, improvements and decisions we take.

4. What benefits do you take from it?

Self-assurance, optimism and perseverance.

5. Three habits on your day-to-day life.

Hydratation, amusement and rest.

6. Do you think this lifestyle influences your looks?

Totally. I like to wear comfortably.

7. Your outfit at work? Athleisure or casual-chic?

Athleisure - Casual, without the chic.

8. You mentioned sport. What is your recommended daily dose?

Each person is different, physical activity should be a priority, as long as it's possible. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, perhaps you should think on finding more time. If your work requires physical activity, just look an activity that adapts to it.

9. Pilates. yoga, are part of a lifestyle. Which are its benefits?

Both are very complete disciplines, not very aggressive and invite to do an introspective labor, which focuses on finding synergies of our interior and exterior selves.

10. Since when you practice that lifestyle?

It's something progressive that you discover little by little. I started about 7 years ago.

11. Three fashion tips to get a sport-chic look

Prepare a look and once you have it, change one garment for another you would carry in your gym bag. Sneakers instead of shoes, white socks instead of pinkies, or a sportive top under your bomber.

12. Basic garments to do yoga?

Oversize t-shirt and leggings.

13. You chose your looks at Las Rozas Village. What are your recommendations?

Yeah, it is was a complete madness because of so many options, but I believe all of them are pretty fun.

14. How to get the perfect mix between athleisure & casual-chic?

Combining. Equilibrium is always the key.

15. You possess many talents; you wrote a book, you are a coach, colaborate in TV...What do you enjoy the most?

All of them have something common: I can be myself.


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